What Level is my Athlete?

Our sessions are broken down into different skill group not age groups. Below are the ways we can determine which session they should attend. (All must apply)

If you are still unsure, feel free to contact us to verify which session(s) your athlete may attend.

Mini DB: 

  • 3-6 years old
  • unable to shoot at a 10 foot basket
  • motor skills aren’t great

Beginners Basketball: 

  • Unable or very limited on the use of non-dominant hand
  • Needs assistance with shooting form
  • Travels with the ball
  • Double Dribbles the ball
  • Doesn’t know rules such as traveling or double dribbling

Intermediate Basketball: 

  • Can make a left hand layup (not perfect)
  • Can dribble between legs
  • Can dribble behind the back
  • Does not double dribble or travel

Advanced Basketball: 

  • Can use both hands for layups and dribbles
  • Can complete drills at high speed
  • Does not travel or double dribble
  • Has great knowledge of basketball
  • Able to shoot a shot from any part of the floor without loosing form

Elite Basketball: 

  • Invite only

Beginners Performance: 

  • Usually 9 years old and younger
  • Body weight and limited equipment 
  • Needs correction on form
  • Motor skills need improvement 

Intermediate Performance: 

  • Usually 9-13 years old
  • Body weight, alternative resistant (resistance bands, battle ropes, slam balls, boxes)
  • Needs correction on form

Beginners Performance: 

  • Usually 14+ years old
  • All and any equipment can be used (including barbells and dumbbells)
  • Correction is very limited
  • High Intensity workouts
  • Power Lifting