What we offer!


Our Basketball skills development program aims to improve all aspects of every athlete's game. We welcome all skill levels, from beginners to pro. From improvement on defense to achieving perfect shooting form, trainers will give every athlete the proper attention to help reach his or her goals.


Sports performance training is designed to prepare an athlete for optimum performance in a specific sport. The purpose is to work on those things that will translate into improved performance for the athlete's sport. Focused on speed, agility, strength, conditioning, eye-hand coordination, and most importantly INJURY PREVENTION. Continued research from nationally renowned professional trainers is applied to each workout for continued growth.

1 on 1 Sessions

Sessions will be with the athlete and trainer only, tailored to the athlete with guidance from coaches, parents and what the trainers observe. Strengths will be magnified and weaknesses will be improved in all areas.

Group Sessions

Sessions are available to ALL athletes and are grouped by skill level (not age) from beginner to elite. Maximum of 8 athletes per session

Duo Sessions

Similar to 1 on 1 sessions but for TWO athletes of the same level.

Team Sessions

Sessions for up to 15 athletes on a team at once.


Rehabilitation for minor injuries, and/or injuries at least 4 months post op.

Weight Loss

A program designed to help with childhood obesity without the stress of not having fun. Dietary advice will be provided.


A program available for children that are homeschooled. 1 on 1 sessions and group sessions available



Learn fundamental movement skills and build overall motor skills. Participation at least once per week recommended.


Your athlete will be taught the fundamentals of basketball with other children starting out at the same level. Shooting, passing, dribbling, footwork and more will be the primary focus. They will also learn the basic rules of basketball. Participation of at least two times per week is recommended.


Athlete will begin to learn how finish through contact, techniques to get the basket, the footwork needed to finish at the basket. and start to develop individual basketball skills. Athletes with also prepare for game-like competition and learn team oriented skills. Participation of least three times per week is recommended.


Athletes will begin to learn college and pro level moves, footwork, and techniques to attack the basket to dominate their defenders. Athletes will begin to create their own style of play and learn all of the available options on the court. Participation of 3-4 times per week.


Athletes will learn to create with the basketball in 1 on 1 situations with different finishes around the rim. These sessions are uniquely created through research from some of the best players and trainers around the world. Participation of 1-2 times per week.


Builds motor skills and coordination to develop speed and agility while perfecting their running form, lateral movement, balance, and explosion! Participation of 1 time a week is recommended.


Maximize speed and agility by focusing on vertical jump, lateral movement, core, strength, and flexibility with the use of resistance bands and other resistance tupe equipment. Performance cardio, drills, and techniques will be introduced every session to focus on overall athleticism. Participation of 2 times per week is recommended.


Perfecting overall speed and agility, focusing on strength with added weights, power movements, and advanced technology/techniques to optimize the overall maximal performance output. Innovative techniques will be applied to make each client the best athlete possible. Customized training will be utilized to track progress and ensure growth in all areas athletically. Participation of 3-4 times a week is recommended.