What makes us DIFFERENT!

Mission: “Preparing athletes on a higher level that will bring out a confident and high/intense level of play ultimately to separate themselves from the rest.”

Our trainers have trained and competed at the highest level, including Division 1 Colleges and Pro Level Leagues and have trained with some of the best trainers during their playing careers. We know what it takes to make it to the next level, have multiple connections with college coaches, what they are looking for, and what types of drills the coaches will put you through. Our trainers are also two of the only trainers, locally,  certified with multiple degrees and continuing their education to help all athletes get to the next level.

Since opening Different Breed in the middle of the world wide pandemic (2020), Alexis and Nash have trained over 500 athletes and have 10+ athletes currently in college all while maintaining a max of 8 athletes per session.

At Different Breed we strive to surmount the obstacles that many gym’s encounters. Not only do we offer training sessions, but we also look to build a lifetime connection with every athlete. While offering a family-oriented environment.

Our workout is tailored to improve explosiveness, power, reaction time, speed, agility, strength etc. Which will ultimately develop each athlete’s general performance.

While keeping the groups small, we specialize in basketball training and performance training. We train ages 3 all the way up to Pro athletes.

Different Breed athletes will be prepared for collegiate success, by trainers who have had success themselves in their own careers, at the highest level.

We can't wait to be a part of your athletic journey.
Building connections that last a life time.

We'll See You Soon!